Ahmad Mousa

Research Assistant in the Numerical Cognition Laboratory. Web-designer and creative genius behind Ahmad is also involved with other unique projects, such as ClickToConnect.

Daniel Ansari

​Together with Nadia Nosworthy conceptualized and designed the Numeracy Screener and ran studies to investigate whether this test can explain individual differences in children's school-relevant math skills.

Nadia Nosworthy

As part of her PhD conceptualized and designed the Numeracy Screener, ran studies with children in Senior Kindergarten through to third grade using the Numeracy Screener. These studies showed the feasibility, reliability and validity of this measure. Nadia is now an Assistant Professor at Andrews University.

The research that lead to the creation of the Numeracy Screener was partially supported by Operating Grants to Daniel Ansari from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Wadhah Baobaid

Research Assistant in the Numerical Cognition Laboratory. The statistical mastermind behind the Numeracy Screener norms. Conducted the standardization of the data and calculated the percentile ranks.

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