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Submit the scores and compare the child's performance to a norm of Canadian children's scores from senior kindergarten through to grade 3

Numerical Cognition Laboratory Numeracy Screener


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- Located within the Department of Psychology at Western University

- Part of the Brain and Mind Institute

- Directed by Dr. Daniel Ansari, consisting of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Education

- We aim to better understand what predicts success and failures in early math learning

- Focus of our research is to gain a better understanding of how children develop numerical and mathematical competencies

Numerical Cognition Laboratory


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A 2-4 minute test composed of two parts:
1. Symbolic (i.e. numerical digits)
2. Non-Symbolic (i.e. arrays of dots)

- Developed by Drs. Nadia Nosworthy & Daniel Ansari in the Numerical Cognition Laboratory at Western University

- Measures a child's ability to understand numerical magnitude (quantity)

- Correlations between performance on the Numeracy Screener and arithmetic skills have been demonstrated and published in scientific literature

- These findings show that performance on the Numeracy Screener can explain individual differences in children's arithmetic skills

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