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A 2-4 minute test composed of two parts:
1. Symbolic (i.e. numerical digits)
2. Non-Symbolic (i.e. arrays of dots)

- Developed by Drs. Nadia Nosworthy & Daniel Ansari in the Numerical Cognition Laboratory at Western University

- Measures a child's ability to understand numerical magnitude (quantity)

- Correlations between performance on the Numeracy Screener and arithmetic skills have been demonstrated and published in scientific literature

- These findings show that performance on the Numeracy Screener can explain individual differences in children's arithmetic skills

Tests are provided in PDF format

with detailed assembly instructions

in both text and video formats

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Numerical Cognition Laboratory

- Located within the Department of Psychology at Western University

- Part of the Brain and Mind Institute

- Directed by Dr. Daniel Ansari, consisting of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Education

- We aim to better understand what predicts success and failures in early math learning

- Focus of our research is to gain a better understanding of how children develop numerical and mathematical competencies


Administer the paper and pencil test and mark the scores 

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Numerical Cognition Laboratory Numeracy Screener

Submit the scores and compare the child's performance to a norm of Canadian children's scores from senior kindergarten through to grade 3

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